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Iodine preventive treatment

  Iodine is an essential component for the proper metabolism, and the health level directly depends on its amount in the body. Unfortunately, the lack of this element can show not only in increased tiredness, dry skin, fragility of hair and nails, but also in pathological changes of the thyroid gland. It is therefore important to take care of iodine preventive treatment timely.

Pregnant women and parents of young children should pay special attention to iodine preventive treatment. Lack of iodine has a negative impact on the physical and intellectual development of a child. It should be noted that the shortage of this element is most dangerous for a fetus because it can cause serious defects in its formation.

Iodine prophylaxis is of great importance also because the soil has become less rich in this element due to the use of chemical fertilizers. This means that the fruit and vegetables grown on such soil contain less iodine. Everyone knows that there are a number of foods rich in this essential link in the complex processes in the human body: laminaria, fish, crab meat, shrimp and mussels. But not everyone likes seafood, or eating the underwater world species is not possible (unlikely) for other reasons. Therefore, it is impossible to downplay the importance of the mass iodine prophylaxis, which means the enrichment of the most consumed foods (salt, water, and so on). For this purpose the Jodis concentrate is used.

Iodine preventive treatment with Jodis products is easy and cost-efficiently!

Enrichment of products in different areas of human activity helps to achieve the maximum effect of preventive measures. The use of the concentrate in agriculture and the food industry allows us to offer Ukrainians healthy food, which is very important for today's demanding customers.

Iodine preventive treatment will help to improve your health, improve memory and make you feel more lively!