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Iodized water

Iodized water

Iodine is essential for the normal functioning of the entire human organism. First of all, it affects the thyroid gland function. Having a sufficient amount of it in the body the thyroid gland can consequently produce a sufficient amount of hormones that regulate processes such as growth, mental development, metabolism, nutrition process. However, recent studies have shown that nowadays many people suffer from iodine deficiency in their body. The reason for this is the unhealthy diet and not eating foods that are rich in this substance.

You can get iodine by eating various seafood, eggs, milk, iodized salt. Iodized water has a positive effect on the human body. You may drink it every day. Ordinary water does not have in its structure the required amount of iodine. Sometimes even expensive shrimp and other marine products do not influence the body as positively as iodized water. This is due to the fact that in our time it is quite difficult to buy high-quality seafood. Most often, these products are not fresh and frozen, and therefore they already have lost most of their nutrients and vitamins. Besides, for young children it is better to drink iodized water than to eat seafood of dubious quality. It will contribute to their normal mental and physical growth and development.

Iodized water produced by our company will save you and your children from iodine deficiency in the body!

Iodized water Jodis has a positive effect on the human body. During the years of its production and sales no adverse effects have been observed associated with its regular consumption. It has a healthy effect on both adults and children.

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